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What Strength CBD Edible Is Right for Me?

Edibles are an amazing way to consume CBD and THC. However, it is important to remember that CBD and THC are drugs. So it’s not like eating your normal six-piece chicken McNugget meal from McDonald’s. As such you can end up with a hell of a lot more than an upset stomach. If you’re not careful and you eat too much edible. As fun as getting high can be, getting too high is equally awful. There really are few things in life that are worse than being too high or too drunk on a substance. Doesn’t really matter much what that substance is. It’s just not fun! For that reason, you should follow these few simple steps whenever you’re eating CBD or THC edibles for the first time.


  1. Research the edibles you are going to be eating: Edibles just like THC strains of marijuana or CBD oils come in many different strains and strengths. For this reason, you want to have at least a basic understanding of the different options you will see when you go to the dispensary to buy your first edibles. Most dispensaries often have a product menu on their website that you can review before going into the store as well. The two most important things you want to look for are the edibles strain and strength. In most case the edibles will either be a sativa for an indica, in some cases, it could also be a hybrid. The general rule of thumb is that sativas provided a more uppity energy filled feeling. While indicasindicators provide a more sleepy and lazy response. Hybrids obviously land in the middle is a combination of sative and indica strains. As far as strength goes as a beginner you are going to be looking for the lowest strength possible. Edibles are naturally strong and will be doubly so for you since it is your first time ingesting the cannabis plant in this fashion.

2. Start off with the lowest strength CBD or THC edible possible: Something around 10mgs would be great. You see edibles are stronger than most other types of CBD or THC that you will take. It is also absorbed in a higher percentage than most other ways to take the drugs as well. Finally, the high or effects of the CBD for THC products last much longer when you eat them. For this reason, you want to start off small. Start with one small edible and if it goes well wonderful! If not, do not eat any more edible for at least two to four hours. Sometimes edibles can take a while to kick in and you do not want to make the mistake of eating more before the first batch of edibles you ate kicks in. To be double safe if you do not feel the effects of your edible then wait until the next day and then try a little bit more than the previous day. If you are unlucky enough to eat too much. Then find your self a comfortable place, some food, and a giant caffeine drink. You will feel better in due time.

3. Eat your first edibles in a comfortable place: When eating THC or CBD edibles it is possible that you will get higher than you have been before. For this reason, being in a familiar comfortable place is crucial for beginners. This way you can fully relax and enjoy the edible without the anxiety, confusion, and fear of a new place. Home is also a great place to be if you get too high, or if you have a bad reaction, or just do not like your edible experience for one reason or another. Finally, it’s great to be home on edibles, because home is where the snacks are! Expect next level munchies when you eat THC or CBD edibles. The munchies are legit out of this world. You will eat like a dinosaur when you’re coming down, so be ready!

4. Don’t drive, operate machinery, or do anything else dangerous while on edibles: I know it seems cliche or even funny. But, we are actually very serious about this. CBD and THC edibles can get you very high, they can also make you not pay attention, and make you very tired. So, for this reason, you do not want to ever under any circumstances drive a car or operate any other heavy machinery while eating CBD or THC edibles. You want to be in a nice safe environment where you can enjoy yourself without the possibility of hurting yourself or some other innocent bystanders. Edibles are drugs and when we do drugs we do not drive it’s really just as simple as that my friends.

If you follow these simple steps your first time eating CBD edibles or THC edibles is going to be a blast. Remember people who fail to plan, plan to fail! So make sure you take into consideration everything we have gone over in this guide to eating your first edibles. With you’re mind at ease from this kind of expert pre-edibles planning. You are going to have the best time possible while on your edibles. If you have a great story from your first time eating marijuana edibles then please leave it in the comments so that we can all enjoy it. Until next time have a great day my 420 friends and remember CBDipedia is your one-stop for everything CBD. CBDiepdia the CBD superstore!


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