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What is the CBD Oil Entourage Affect?

CBD and Hemp Oil Super StoreThe CBD entourage effect was started after a scientific study was done to examine the difference in results between patients using CBD isolate, CBD full spectrum, and a control group that was given a placebo. At inception, most people were certain that the patients who would get the best results would be the patients who were taking the CBD isolate. Since that is the most scientifically advanced version of cannabidiol or CBD also know as hemp oil. Little did everyone know about the Entourage effect at that time. What scientist discovered was that the patients taking the full spectrum CBD actually got the best results. Results the scientist attributed to the fact that the full spectrum CBD had other parts of the cannabis plant in with the CBD. This swarming effect, of many different parts of the plant interacting together, to give patients the best results. Later became known as the entourage effect.

Since the initial study, many other studies have popped up to confirm the first study’s results. Most studies have in fact confirmed that users get better results from full spectrum CBD and it’s products. This was especially noticeable in studies where the patients were suffering from seizures. In one particular study, both CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum helped decrease the number is seizures their users had during testing. However, the CBD full spectrum decreased the number of seizures by a whopping 25% more than CBD isolate. For a total of a 75% decrease in seizures for those patients tested. Pretty amazing numbers to be sure and certainly the kind of numbers that can significantly improve the lives of patients who suffer from debilitating seizures,

The entourage effect is certainly real. The only issue is that CBD full spectrum does not seem to be the answer for science. By its nature, it is a tossed salad of chemistry. Much too unstable and hard to reproduce evenly and routinely than CBD isolate. This has lead scientist down the path of recreating the entourage effect without having to have patients take full spectrum CBD. To instead have them experience the entourage effect from a much more perfected and measured dose of CBD. To do this the scientist first had to map out the specifics of what’s driving the entourage effect. Then they can make attempts to recreate it in the lab. So, for now, the artificial entourage effect is just a theory being tested and proven in a laboratory somewhere.

So in conclusory, the entourage effect is when a bunch of different parts of the Canibus plant is used together in one product to provide a full spectrum or full plant experience. While CBD isolates are pure CBD, being the molecule separated from the plant, prior to ingestion. CBD currently seems to lose some of its effectiveness in the process of turning the plant into isolate. Which leaves full spectrum CBD as the most effective CBD on the market currently. However, this may be short-lived as scientists are aggressively trying to map and recreate the neurological CBD experience in a laboratory. Once that is achieved I believe that the rudimentary CBD full spectrum products that you see today will instantly become a thing of the past. The entourage effect is literally the only science keeping those products around right now. Unfortunately, that science is not stable enough to keep full spectrum products in the CBD game for the long run. As soon as science catches up, full spectrum CBD products will all be a thing of the past. For now, they are the best we have though so do not be afraid to try them and enjoy them.

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