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Upcoming Northwest CBD Expo


The CBD Expo NORTHWEST 2019 is having their function coming up this week. From June 28th – June 29th they will be having an “event platform to broadcast your products with the community and share your CBD knowledge with the industry. We focus on targeting the relevant and right people to be in the right place creating a quality show floor that business can be conducted on. This event will feature more than 75 exhibitors, along with a substantial lineup of speaker presentations and panel discussions from experts in the research, technology, production, globalization, and sale of CBD and cannabinoid products.” Great news for the expansion of the CBD business. There will be showings of technology, food, and even mixology labs to teach other how to properly and safely create their own CBD products. The event is open to not only business professional, but even casual consumers.


Workshops & Demonstrations


There are many very interesting demonstrations that are happening during the event. Two particular events seem almost irresistible to the curious mind.


  1. DIY Mixology Lab Workshop sponsored by NICE Corp
    • COO Vern Mathis and CEO Karenna Mathis of The NICE Corp. LLC will be leading this event. These two have over 15 years of experience and proven successful experiments with CBD.
    • You will be given time and informative instructions on how to make your own CBD products. Any products that you create during the session will be yours to keep.
  2. CBD Extraction with Dr. John MacKay
    • Dr. John MacKay, PH.D. is the Founder of Synergistic Technologies Associates. Their team “seeks to work with botanical companies and cannabis product producers that readily recognize their need for help in maximizing their total operations.”
    • They will teach you all about the process of extraction when it comes to CBD.
    • According to MacKay, “You will gain an understanding of measuring the potency at each stage of sample preparation, extraction and post processing; saving you thousands of dollars a week.”


Both of these demonstrations will not only teach you about these interesting CBD products but, also allow you to actively participate in the art of creating or in MacKay’s case, extracting. Sounds like a very informative and fun way to be a part of the CBD process.


Platform Speakers


If you are strictly more interested in the educational side of CBD relating to aid in medicine, then there are plenty of public speakers that will be there to inform you of just that. Both days there will be people thoroughly educated in CBD. Some of these people are doctors that are bringing up valid points that could exponentially explode this ideology that Cannaboidiol could be used in the medical field. Groundbreaking arguments will be held here. Examples of these topics are:


  1. Keynote Upgrading Our Endocannabinoid Operating Systems
    • Dr. Karyemaitre Aliffe, MD. will be presenting this topic. He “is a multilingual, multicultural physician-scientist who brings life to science and vitality to our concepts of medicine. Having taught at Harvard and Stanford, he has been welcomed to over 50 countries as a guest speaker, giving insightful presentations to community groups and professionals worldwide.”
    • His stance is that “the ECS modifies our experience of reality (e.g., the placebo effect), and so enables the modulation of negative attitudes and impulses, making way for the emergence of new perspectives and new paradigms~ change on an evolutionary scale.”
  2. CBD In A Chronic Pain Clinic And Opioid Reduction
    • J. Julian Grove, MD. He is the Co-Founder of The Physician’s Choice CBD, Co-Founder of Pain Consultants of Arizona, and President of the Arizona Pain Society.
    • He is trying to present that there is now sufficient evidence that CBD should be looked at as a viable medicine.
    • “We have had 10 months of data including CBD taken with various, neuropathic, skeletal muscle relaxant, NSAIDS, and opioids. We have data showing successful CBD use as a mechanism for weaning/tapering down on opioids or avoiding opioids altogether. We feel that with the baby boomer population aging and general interest in CBD increasing and the opioid crisis continuing, CBD should be looked at as a viable medicine for chronic pain syndromes.”
  3. Do Not Forget The Gut Harnessing The Power Of CBD And Cannabinoid Therapy For Gastrointestinal Health
    • Dr. Adam Abodeely, MD, MBA, FACS, FASCRS. The Founder and CEO of ReserveMD. He is “dedicated to advancing the science and education of cannabis-based therapies.”
    • He also wishes for CBD treatments to be allowed in medical practices.
    • “As a Board Certified Surgeon specializing in cancer and gastrointestinal diseases, there is no doubt we are witnessing the benefits that CBD and cannabinoid therapy can have on a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. New and emerging concepts are being explored that will continue to harness the benefits and expand the use of cannabinoids for multiple gastrointestinal ailments and define their role as a supplement for overall gut health.”


This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the speakers that will be attending the expo. You can head here for a full list of speakers. These ideas and presentations will hopefully give enough evidence to support each and all of their claims. However, this all still comes down to the Food and Drug Administration’s ability to test and set direct limits for CBD. Otherwise, this entire expo seems like a gold mine of valuable information pertaining to CBD and how it should be circulating into various different programs throughout the United States.


Want to Know More?


Now that you have a brief summary pertaining to the event, what do you think? If you have any more questions you can head over to the official expo website. There you can find a full list of speakers, demonstrations and workshops that will be available to see whilst attending the event. Tickets can still be obtained HERE. If you’re truly interested in finding out tons of information about CBD then this is the place to go. If you want some education about the products, you can actually head over to CBDipedia’s CBD Facts page. We have valuable information to those curious minds that want to get into this upcoming boom in CBD. If you’re more interested in trying out CBD products, CBDipedia is also a superstore for all just that. This includes high quality CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, CBD Creams and many more. Check there for the largest selection of premium quality CBD products available.