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The World CBD Awards


This month Barcelona, Spain will be hosting the first ever World CBD Awards. From July 17th – July 19th you can attend this ground breaking historical event. People from around the world will be attending this event to discover new brands, share knowledge and to acknowledge those who have had success in the industry.


The Venue


This historical event will be held in Barcelona, Spain due to the raw heritage and diversity of the area. Barcelona has always been a setting for major shows and events. This event is just that. The Five Star Pullman Barcelona Skipper is a prestigious and beautiful venue that will not only enthrall others to visit this event, but will do it more than justice. Being a convenient location for rail and air travel is also a positive for this venue. If that isn’t enough then feel free to take your time enjoying the beautiful views of Barceloneta Beach, one of Barcelona’s oldest and most beloved beaches. If exploring isn’t your cup of CBD tea then feel free to check out the many amenities the hotel has to offer. Go check out The Atic Bar based on the roof of this gorgeous hotel and sit by the bar-side pool for a nice cocktail while you distantly observe the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t get too relaxed though, because this CBD event will be something you don’t want to miss.


Event Schedule


Although this may be an award ceremony, there is still plenty of things happening during this event. If you want to learn more about CBD regulation then this is the place to be. There will be multiple panels explaining what is happening with the cannabis-derived compounds and how things will be moving forward with regulation. Remember this is a world awards ceremony so this regulation is based on a world wide scale. They’ll be addressing how to source and identify quality products. These informational events will be on Day two. However, days one and two are there to make the guests of this event happy. The night of day one will be full of live music and cocktail service. Before the awards ceremony on day two you better believe there will be a black tie Champagne Reception. After the reception you get to attend a four course Gala dinner. Then finally once you’re all taken care of the awards ceremony will begin. Afterwards be sure to check out the Opium nightclub for the World CBD Awards after party!


Via Hotel Pullman Barcelona Skipper Website




Awards are obviously something to touch on. As you’d expect there will be plenty of them to see.

  • Best Tincture
  • Most Loved Brand
  • Industry Recognition Award
  • Best Edible Product
  • Most Charitable Company

There are many more awards that will be presented but we’ll leave that to the experts. The aims of these awards according to their website are to:

  • “To recognise and acknowledge the very best in our business community.
  • Promote best practice and ethical trading
  • Facilitate business growth and exposure
  • Provide a platform to succeed and grow
  • Share knowledge, trends and industry developments
  • Publicity and education”

Therefore, you better believe anyone interested in the CBD industry will be there. It’s an empowering ceremony to contribute to the ever progressing industry of CBD. Hopefully this will be yet another stepping stone in the long battle that cannabis-derived compounds have gone through. With the theme of the event being “We Can Do Better” you have to believe that this will be a monumental factor in the growth of the CBD industry through not only the United States, but the world.


Want to Attend?


If you’re looking to attend this epic event in CBD history you can buy tickets here. I’d hurry though because this event is only ten days away! Even if it is just to enjoy the dumbfounding amount of amenities that this event has to offer. Are you unsure of whether to act on CBD or not? Feel free to check out some of our CBD Facts. We at CBDipedia definitely support this ever-changing market and are hopeful for the future of CBD. If you’re more of a let’s get down to business person and want to try some CBD for yourself, then you’re at the right place. CBDipedia is also a superstore for all premium products relating to CBD.