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THC CBD Oil Now Legal for Kansas Medical Patients



Yesterday, July 1st, 2019, Kansas has put into effect Claire and Lola’s Law. The full non-summarized bill can be viewed here. This law governs the ability of medical patients to partake in THC CBD oils as long as their medical professional permits it. Great news for the state of Kansas! Now we can have those who can’t triumph through traditional medicine to possibly have success in natural THC CBD oils.


Claire and Lola


The parents, Gwen and Scott Hartley, are the ones that pushed this law. They say it could help Lola who was born with MSG (Microcephaly with Simplified Gyral Patterns). This has unfortunately already claimed the life of their daughter Lola. You can find a recent study on MSG here. The NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) defines this condition as:


“Congenital microcephaly (a very small head at birth) can be divided into two major categories: primary and secondary (acquired). Patients with primary congenital microcephaly have been described as having congenitally small but architecturally normal brains (thus distinguishing them from microcephaly associated with cerebral cortical malformations, such as holoprosencephaly or lissencephaly), typically associated with non-progressive mild mental retardation. The cause has been presumed to be genetic. In contrast, acquired microcephaly is presumed to result from brain injury, such as that associated with hypoxic-ischemic injury, intracranial infection or metabolic disease; head size is initially normal, but decreases as a result of brain injury. It is known that some primary microcephalies show an abnormally simplified gyral pattern without thickening of the cerebral cortex; this group has been referred to as microcephaly with simplified gyral pattern (MSG). Patients with MSG often have various associated developmental brain anomalies, such as corpus callosal hypogenesis and hypoplasia, periventricular nodular heterotopia, and delayed myelination.”


Unfortunately these two little girls were very unfortunate for the small chance to possess these conditions. In an effort to find natural remedies to this condition, Gwen and Scott are hoping to use these cannabis-derived compounds to help Lola. We know that THC CBD oil has had prior success in helping with medical conditions that other medicines have not. So maybe if even the slightest chance Lola could survive with these compounds then I say absolutely.


via The Hartley Hooligans


Bill Provisions


The bill itself has gone into effect has of July 1st, 2019. It is based around the possession of cannabidiol treatment preparations. Claire and Lola’s Law now gives medical professionals the ability to prescribe these oils with a concentration of at max 5 percent THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Patients must have a letter from a doctor that diagnosed the condition fifteen months prior to the date of request. It also disallows child removal based off possession or use of said cannabidiol treatment preparations. Some of the important bits from the bill are:


“The bill creates “Claire and Lola’s Law,” which prohibits state agencies and political subdivisions from initiating child removal proceedings or child protection actions or proceedings based solely upon the parent’s or child’s possession or use of cannabidiol treatment preparation in accordance with the affirmative defense established by the second section of the bill.”

“The bill amends the crime of unlawful possession of controlled substances to provide an affirmative defense to a prosecution of such crime arising out of a person’s possession of any Kansas Legislative Research Department 1 2019 Summary of Legislation cannabidiol treatment preparation (as defined in the new section) if the person has a debilitating medical condition (as defined in the new section) or is the parent or guardian of a minor child with such condition; is possessing a cannabidiol treatment preparation being used to treat such condition; and has simultaneous possession of a letter that (a) shall be shown to a law enforcement officer on such officer’s request, (b) is dated within the preceding 15 months and signed by the Kansas licensed physician who diagnosed the qualifying condition, (c) is on such physician’s letterhead, and (d) identifies the person or minor child as such physician’s patient and identifies the patient’s qualifying condition.”


So thankfully as long as the parents or guardians of the children or the people being diagnosed can withstand their fifteen month wait, they are able to possess these controlled substances. I’m excited to see Kansas moving in a direction that possibly could pacify the negative ideas of CBD and THC. If this bill shows success in patients later on, then you better bet that Kansas will begin to lean pro-CBD/THC. Hopefully all these people that haven’t found success using traditional medical treatments for this condition are able to find good fortune in these natural remedies.




If you wish to follow the full story of the Hartley’s, you can find them at The Hartley Hooligans. Their story is sad, but brings a different point of view to the situation surrounding Lola and her late sister Claire. Their parents shed a small light and keep positive even while dealing with their children’s unfortunate condition. Keep your eyes peeled for more THC and CBD news coming from Kansas for sure! You better bet that after this movement there will be an up tilt in CBD and THC movements. You can always find the latest news on CBD and Hemp news here at CBDipedia. We at CBDipedia strive to deliver the most up to date news for people looking to learn. If you wish to learn more about CBD you can check out our CBD Facts page here. Prefer to jump right into the natural CBD trend? CBDipedia is also a superstore for all things CBD. We have the most premium products including high quality Tincture’s, yummy Edibles, and many more for all of your CBD needs.