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Kilo of Pure CBD Isolate

Kilo of Pure CBD Isolate

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Kilos of premium and pure CBD Isolate for sale now from Pure Clear Hemp. All kilos are independently tested. Prices change live on the website to represent the current market value for CBD isolate. All kilo sales are backed by CBDipedia and Pure Clear Hemp leaders in the CBD industry. For returning customers or quick purchase you may buy online. For more information please call our 24-hour customer service line: 1-833-587-4268.


Purchase a kilo of CBD isolate from Pure Clear Hemp a leader in CBD isolates. 

Pure Clear Hemp CBD kilos are now for sale on

All Pure Clear Hemp our CBD kilos are sourced from established farms and reliable CBD isolate distributors. Testing is provided with each purchase and testing and sourcing information is also available prior to purchase upon customer request. For quick purchase and sale for returning customers, you may place your orders right here online and they will be sent out immediately for delivery. For others who require more customer service or new customers looking for more information on our CBD isolate please feel free to call the CBdipeida 1-800 number.  As always every kilo order is backed by CBdipeida and pure clear hemp and is supported by our 24-hour customer service respective, programmers, and industry professionals. At CBdipedia we take pride in being a leader in the CBD field and for that reason, we only sell the best CBDisolae currently viable in planet Eart. We also offer it a very competitive rate as you can see. Rates are however subject to change with current market prices. Changes will be made to their pricing on the website in real time. So the price you re seeing today represent the current market price for premium CBD isolate in the States.

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1 review for Kilo of Pure CBD Isolate

  1. Steph Malloy

    Kilo’s of Pure CBD isolate are now available at! I will never run out now! This is a great value and is real time so it is always fair market price. This is a CBD user’s dream lol

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