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Oregon Exporting Cannabis

Oregon is ever pressing cannabis boundaries in our country and continuing to make larger steps towards an intelligent and economical mind set surrounding. On June 27th, Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden and U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer introduced the State Cannabis Commerce Act. The hope of this bill is to further protect from federal involvement regarding cannabis and increase the economic and interstate value of cannabis.


Interstate Transportation


This bill increases the protection of all state cannabis programs from federal interference. Also, this bill will implement the legalized transportation of cannabis from one cannabis legal state to another. This is of course as long as both states allow for cannabis to be transported between states. The State Cannabis Commerce Act is Wyden’s way of trying to invigorate Oregonians’ will relating to the transportation and economical value of cannabis. According to Wyden:

“As more and more states legalize cannabis, the gap between state and federal laws will only grow more confusing for both legal businesses and consumers,”

“The solution is clear: the federal government needs to end its senseless and out of touch prohibition. As we fight for that ultimate goal, however, Congress can and should immediately act to protect the will of Oregonians and voters in other states from federal interference—and that should include interstate cannabis commerce.”

Blumenauer also said:

The federal government is hopelessly out of touch with the American people on cannabis,”

“Last week, the House agreed and passed my amendments to forbid the federal government from interfering with cannabis programs in the states, D.C. and tribal communities. This week, we are turning to a top priority for Oregonians—allowing for interstate sale of cannabis. It’s past time we protect the states, like Oregon, that have gotten it right.”




The protection of law-abiding cannabis consumers and producers is another main goal of this legislation. The officials stand to prohibit the use of taxpayer money to enlist fines and prosecutions to said individuals related. Protection for medical consumers, growers and distributors is now guaranteed under this new bill. If you’re trying to transport cannabis interstate, you will still need federal approval before doing so. However this is a huge benefit to Oregon seeing as they have a reported six and a half years of cannabis oversupply. Oregon’s economy is going to see a big boom soon, seeing as they now have a way to distribute this oversupply of goods elsewhere.


Good news for Oregon and the other states soon to be contributing to the ever growing cannabis industry. This interstate transportation is going to increase not only Oregon’s economy, but any state willing to export these products. As long as legalization of cannabis and interstate transportation is lawful within said states, then you better believe that this new bill will be effecting them positively. Interested in more? Check out our other pages relating to hemp news. Cannabis not legal where you live? Then check out our incredible line of CBD (cannabidiol) products. You can learn plenty about it under our CBD Facts page. Remember, the CBDipedia superstore is your ideal place to find the most premium CBD products available.