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MLB Removes Ban on Marijuana!


It finally happened! The first ever American sports league to remove marijuana from its list of abusive drugs. The officials within the MLB have removed the ban on marijuana. It will now be treated as a punishment similar to alcohol and violence. This is a huge step within our nation on the war on drugs. Also, it is streamlining the road for the remaining sporting officials to do the same. These changes will be going into effect during spring training of 2020.


Big Step in American Sports


People have been trying to get sports officials within America to allow marijuana and CBD use for a long time. Players such as Rob Gronkowski have already stepped out in support of CBD over the past year. Since the legalization of hemp due to the Farm Bill of 2018, people have been stepping out more and more into cannabis support. There goal is to inhibit drug use out of a treatment-focused plan. Instead of their traditional penalizing ways. Due to the many states that are slowly getting to legalize marijuana, having a complete ban on the legal product seems unjust.


Opioid Treatment Available for MLB Players


Also, instead of punishing people for using opioids, they are now offering treatment plans. The league wants to calm down with there large amounts of penalties they dish out to players. Instead of punishing them for what they do on their own time, they will now only penalize those who do not recognize and respect the new treatment plans and marijuana policy. Here’s the statement about marijuana by the officials:

“Natural Cannabinoids (e.g., THC, CBD, and Marijuana) will be removed from the Program’s list of Drugs of Abuse. Going forward, marijuana-related conduct will be treated the same as alcohol-related conduct under the Parties’ Joint Treatment Program for Alcohol-Related and Off-Field Violent Conduct, which provides for mandatory evaluation, voluntary treatment and the possibility of discipline by a Player’s Club or the Commissioner’s Office in response to certain conduct involving Natural Cannabinoids.”