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Meet GRONK: Ex-Patriot, CBD Enthusiast

Rob Gronkowski is a name in sports that everybody knows. To New England fans’ dismay, he is not coming out of retirement. In fact, he’s now coming out with support for CBD! That’s right, another public figure showing support for the cannabis-derived compound known as cannabidiol.



Athlete’s Need Pain Relief


It’s not an unknown thing that athletes deal with large amounts of pain from the physical tolls their bodies are put through. Most look for ways to relieve this pain, whether that be medicine, therapy or alternative methods. Gronkowski has been revered at his tight end position for the New England Patriots for the past 9 years. He’s also clocked in with more serious physical contacts with other players then some see in their career. A bruiser for his team and now he feels it.


What Does a Guy Like That Use for Pain Relief?


Gronkowski has had multiple injuries and even surgeries over the past decade so you know there will always be lingering pain. However, this man truly believes that out of everything he’s tried, CBD has changed his entire mindset on the ability to modify and decrease pain. A man that has day after day taking a beating and has shown himself to get right back into it again and again. These are claims at a massive level and to see CBD in that manner can really bring a light to people who haven’t thought of it in that manner before.


Will CBD be Allowed in Sports?


As of right now, use of CBD is not allowed in the NFL. However, with support from super stars like Rob Gronkowski and all the previous sports names such as Joe Montana, there is a hopeful start. We’ll have to keep waiting for more information from the FDA until they have completed enough testing in every possible situation. For now, lets all give a big thank you to Gronk for his years, and be happy that he’s found his relief for pain in CBD.