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John Castellano Melts Down, Offers to Pay Off Blue Moon Hemp Lawsuit on Facebook

John Castellano, the CEO of the legally embattled CBD brand Blue Moon Hemp, had one heck of an end to his week before the holiday. After CBDipedia released a news story explaining why our sister company Dependable Website Management was suing Blue Moon Hemp in an ownership lawsuit. John Castellano then embarked on what can only be described as a social media meltdown of epic proportions. From his personal Facebook page, Castellano went plain lovey dovey crazy. Posting a flurry of social media comments that ranged the full gamut from self-promotion, to potential admissions of guilt, to legal threats, to requesting us to sell his products on our website, to promoting his websites and CBD brands on the article thread, to telling everyone on the feed that everything is peace and love, to messaging the articles comment writers directly, to even exposing his plan to lie in court and claim the Dependable Website Management service was black hat technology. All in all the behavior Castellano exhibited was bizarre, to say the least. It has even led some on our staff to speculate as to John Castellano’s overall health and wellbeing. Certainly, these are not the actions of a good businessman standing tall on the back of justice. This is the behavior of a man who feels guilty about what he has done and knows he is completely wrong morally, legally, and ethically and is lashing out. Castellano if sober which you will certainly question after reading the thread below, it would seem knows he is going to lose the legal dispute and just wants it to be over as soon as possible.

The whole mind-bending episode took place right on our CEO Patrick Zarrelli’s facebook page. Zarrelli had posted the Blue Moon Hemp lawsuit article on his personal Facebook page with a brief caption. Before you knew it the article was filled up with comments from Castellano who though trying to pretend he was acting cool, was actually in our opinion in an apparent fit of internet rage. Often commenting in response to his own comments, liking his own comments, and even reaching out to other people who he has never met before, in their personal message box, just because they commented on the news story. Below you can see screenshots of the entire conversation with nothing redacted from our CEO’s personal facebook page. Below that we will discuss the incident further and its ramifications for the legal case against Blue Moon Hemp, John Castellano, and Chris Cowart. No matter how it affects the legal case everyone can clearly see now for themselves what it was like to work for John Castellano and Chris Cowart. Neither one of which have even a basic grasp on the website or social media technology their company uses or needs. Chris who is a paranoid control freak with a criminal record of corporate fraud from running a telemarketing scam that sent him to prison for years. Attacks anyone who works on the project that is smarter or more talented then he is. While Castellano is either gone on vacation, spouting off pro-Trump nonsense, or succumbing to Chris’s overarching ego and unethical behavior. When Castellano is in town he puts you through the same hippy-dippy nonsense that you see in his writings. Making for a nearly impossible working environment. One owner is a paranoid aggressive personality type while the other thinks he is some kind of far right wing feng shui swami. Working with them is like being stuck in the middle of two school children from different sides of the tracks. They fight, squabble, yell, scream, accuse everyone of everything and rarely have even the slightest clue as to what they are talking about in regards to their company’s technology. We had to literally drag this two old farts kicking and screaming just to get them to participate in Cyber Monday, and guess what? We made a fortune for them! That’s how hopelessly out of tech touch these two guys are when it comes to e-commerce technology. Imagine owning an e-commerce website and not knowing what Cyber Monday is or participating in it. Well, that was Blue Moon Hemp before Dependable Website Management showed up on the scene to save them. Below you will see the full comment thread that John Castellano left on our CEO Patrick Zarrelli’s personal Facebook page.



John Castellano wasn’t through yet! Not even after all of whatever that even was… Castellano then went and direct messaged people who commented on his facebook meltdown. One of the people he reached out to was nice enough to send us his messages so we could include them in the article about the incident. She had never even met John Castellano before and they are not friends on Facebook. But, that did not stop Castellano from invading her personal inbox to plead his case in the same type of incoherent psychobabble that he had just been using in the main thread on facebook. Again this is what it was like to work for John Castellano and Chris Cowart. They constantly flew off the handle, laid out false accusations, and then would bizarrely act like they were Zen Buddhists five minutes later. The entire experience was like working in a minefield, to say the least, but DWM persevered and did their job until things got fraudulent and they stopped paying. In the end, they offered Dependable Website Management five thousand measly dollars for their shares of the website that they had built and managed. Dependable Website Management refused, and their staff and their families have been without pay from their contracted shares of the Blue Moon Hemp e-commerce website ever since. Chris Cowart stole their shares and pay and John Castellano sat by on his hands while he did it. That is a fact and there is no disputing that truth and we will not rest or stop writing about it until our contract is honored or another legal remedy is in place. As is our right protected by the United States Constitution.


Before John Castellano was done with his epic Facebook meltdown. He commented over ten times in a row with no one commenting back on two different occasions. He posted multiple childish gifs and cartoons. He even offered to settle the lawsuit multiple times, at one point he even got mad and posted a slow-moving gif because our CEO did not respond with a price to settle the lawsuit with him immediately on Facebook. At another point in the conversation, Castellano denied the lawsuit even existed. Then he threatened to sue us in a counter lawsuit for $1 million in loss of business, $5 million loss of time, and $25 million in defamation of character. Which literally makes no logical and legal sense. Dependable Website Management took Blue Moon Hemp from $1,200 dollars in sales a month to over $28,000 in one month. They did an outstanding job and as owners, they were the only ones taking care of the website and managed it as if it was their own, because it was. Castellano and Cowart literally traveled the world on pleasure and business while the DWM tech team did everything for them. Castellano also threatens defamation as if you could even ruin the reputation of a telemarketing fraudster and the man who claims to be descendant of one of the worst crime bosses in Mafia history. John Castellano’s facebook meltdown was crazy, to say the very least. You could tell he was fuming angry but he’s trying to keep it cool because someone told him that’s how you win an argument online. However, the multiple comments in a row and pure psycho babble give him away at every turn. His offers to settle the lawsuit are in writing and are glaring admissions of guilt I think most people would agree. This conversation shows clearly how impossible it was to work for John Castellano and Chris Cowart. Who lead by playing good cop, bad cop with their staff or in their particular case crazy swami, and angry felon.

This conversation also really has us all wondering about Castellano’s health. Is he ok? Does he have a drug problem? Why is he posting ten times in a row with no one responding to him? Why is he an obvious adult posting cartoons? Why is he trying to settle the dispute finally on facebook? When our CEO Patrick Zarrelli was asked about all this, he stated that Castellano would “call me at all hours of the night when we worked with him. He would even text me pictures and videos of girls who couldn’t speak English holding up Blue Moon Hemp bottles in hotel rooms. Sometimes he would tell us to post the girls on the website and social media pages. We would have to ignore or sidestep his requests to save the brands identity online. We saved John Castellano from embarrassing himself and Blue Moon Hemp on multiple occasions.” So is John Castellano OK? This may be a good time for someone to step in and maybe do an intervention for him. As you can see from the conversation a good Samaritan named Marilyn even tried to get him to stop commenting on the thread for his own legal sake, but it didn’t stop him at all. Castellano stated that no one was reading the conversation except for him and Zarrelli. But that really just exposes that Castellano has a vast lack of understanding of how social media works. Zarrelli has 5,000 followers on that page. Based on Facebook’s algorithm called Page Rank and the fact that it’s a personal page, not a fan page. Due to the success and popularity of Zarrellis post, it likely went out to about 40% of his followers. So that’s over 2,000 people. That number is compounded by the fact that the article was also shared which opens it up to the next persons following as well.

Lastly, for this article, Castellano claims in the thread that his daughter doesn’t work at Blue Moon Hemp. But when Dependable worked with them his daughter ran the entire back of the house refilling operation. She was in charge of filling the CBD from big jugs that came in from lord knows where into the smaller bottles they sell to consumers. She would load them all on to trays and on to a tall stand like a baker would use in a commercial kitchen for loaves of bread or dinner rolls. Then they would be packaged and mailed out right out of that same back room. His daughter saw DWM staff there on multiple occasions and was introduced to them on multiple occasions. As a younger person, she has first-hand knowledge of the Dependable Website Management deal, the work they did, and it leading to increased sales since she mailed out the orders. The only way Castellano can win the dispute with Dependable Website Management is if he has his daughter lie, and then she will be opened up to being charged with perjury which has hefty penalties. If Castellano’s daughter does not work there anymore, then we actually fear for the company. Because she was one of the smartest and most talented people working there. We have no idea how these guys could run the back of the house without her. But again Castellano may be lying, he lied and said there was no lawsuit when there was. So… It’s really hard to believe what he says. He and Chris Cowart are also from the old white guy baby boomer generation and high-income range. Where they do not believe the law applies to them, that they do not have to honor contracts, pay staff, or even tell the truth. In their minds, I bet they even actually believe they are right. Which is a very terrifying thought for anyone who has to work for them in the future.