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Is Marijuana Going to be Legalized on a Federal Level?


Marijuana has forever been a topic of debate. Whether it is safe to be used, legal to be prescribed or whether or not it should be on the Controlled Substance list. Currently, marijuana is within the same category as drugs such as meth or heroin. In doing so, it criminalizes many people for using, possessing and attempting to distribute. However, the debate over legality is still very confusing. Where you could be sent to prison in certain states, and be considered a phenomenal marijuana business owner in other states. Confusion is high amidst Americans. However, recent movements have seen a bill being passed through government officials.


Bill to Legalize Marijuana on a Federal Level


Last month the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would legalize marijuana and remove it from the Controlled Substances Act. This is a huge step in the process and many people thought it wouldn’t make it far through government. Especially, since there is currently an entire impeachment process taking place. Most people believe that this bill won’t make it much farther and that the Republicans are going to have a fit when it reaches them in the system. However, recent news shows otherwise.


Bill Receiving Support from Democrats and Republicans


That’s right. Contrary to the beliefs of the many, this bill has been attracting not only the Democrats, but the Republicans as well. This bill would not only legalize and remove the drug from the controlled substance list. Decriminalization and expungement would be the next step in the process. People who have been the target of the War on Drugs would soon be freed. There are tons of people who are serving sentences for crimes related to marijuana. Which is aggravating for the family members of these people. Imagine having someone you now serving another ten years, while you go to Colorado and buy marijuana legally. This is on of the biggest controversies in our country and hopefully will be settled as soon as possible. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on the legalization of marijuana!