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Is CBD Still Legal?


With all the confusion coming about due to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it’s easy to wonder. Is CBD still legal? The answer is yes CBD is still indeed legal as long as it remains within the set constraints by the FDA. As long as the values of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol which is the drug in marijuana that gets you “high,” remain lower than .3%. Of course, there are also many states that have set their own guidelines. Regardless, on a federal level, the Farm Bill of 2018 legalized hemp and its derivatives; Such as CBD.


Why All of the Confusion?


The confusion over CBD is brought about by ignorant and unresearched people. Many people are instantly against the any product that is made with cannabis derived compounds. They do not wish to accept that marijuana is possibly going to be legal in the future and any product that is related to it is seen as bad. CBD is just the next product people are debating. All of this is despite the fact that so many people are experiencing positive effects from using CBD products. Ex-professional athletes, those suffering from serious conditions such as epilepsy and even those with anxiety issues. All of these people have seen positive effects using CBD and many more support the movement.


Why is the FDA Making Negative Claims?


If you haven’t yet seen any information about the FDA making negative claims towards CBD, then check out this link. The FDA still doesn’t have enough research around the potential of CBD. However, they came out and made a very specific claim. First of all, they claimed that CBD can have adverse effects on your liver. Which makes sense, as it is another drug for your body to filter. However, the second claim is what truly makes people turn their heads. They state that CBD can have adverse effects when mixing it with prescription drugs and maybe even drowsiness and possible sedation. Sounds a lot like alcohol doesn’t it? If they are successful in bringing people to this mindset, then CBD popularity is going to begin to plummet. Be smarter and make your own decisions!