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Is CBD Oil Legal?

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The DEA has recently released a statement regarding the presence of cannabinoids in products and materials that made form the Cannabis plants this week. With the statement is a DEA directive of guidance for staff and field agents in the department who would like to be clarified on the agencies position that cannabinoids are in fact not illegal. Aside from a few rare exceptions, the DEA confirmed that CBD and hemp oil as it is also called is completely legal in the United States of America and as such can be bought and sold in every state of the current union.

The Cannabis plant’s products that fall outside the CSA’s definition of marijuana are not controlled under the CSA either. Which in turn means these products may be sold and distributed throughout the United States by American businesses. Though banking and credit card processing still may prove to be formidable obstacles to lay people trying to get into this new and flourishing industry. The marijuana industry like many others seems to be divided into million dollar players and Johhny Come Lately’s, not much in the middle. But we are living in the days of runaway American capitalism so there is that to consider as well.

CBD Oil is rumored to provide health benefits like improving mood disorders, lowers inflammation, and decreasing chronic pain. CBD oil may also help improve the quality of life for so many who suffer from illness and their extreme symptoms like seizers. Still, many others use CBD as a sleep aid which is very popular among baby boomers currently. Still, others use CBD as diet weed. A lighter alternative the high powered marijuana and concentrates available at your local medical marijuana or recreation marijuana dispensary today. No matter how CBD helps you or how you use it. One thing that most CBD users can agree on, is that it’s an amazing product and we are very happy that it is legal and available for users across the country.

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