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Invest-A-Pitch; Hemp Industry Investing


This Thursday in Loveland, Colorado, you may have a chance for a world turning break. There lies the financial opportunities available to you if you wish to begin in the hemp industry. Invest-A-Pitch is an event being held by The Hemp Business Advisors. Their goal is to find people with the drive to begin in the hemp industry. There they will listen to your ideas and pitches and hopefully they will Invest-A-Pitch.


Take a Chance


A once in a lifetime opportunity is awaiting those willing to make their own business in this booming market! CBD (cannabidiol) is a big factor right now. With the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp and its derivatives have really taken off. The Hemp Business Advisors are one of the people that have seen the potential of this rising industry. According to their website:

Invest-A-Pitch for the Hemp Industry is a revolutionary pitch event for Hemp-based businesses. This 5-hour event offers Coaching, Connections and the Capital you need to launch/expand your products or services.”


Via The Hemp Business Advisors Website


Why Hold this Event?


These revolutionaries travel all over looking for promising businesses in the hemp industry. After assessment of said business, these people will choose to source with individuals, market in a manner beneficial to both sides and eventually invest in said business. They’re also giving back to those that are also interested in making a life; while gaining all the connections they could require for the industry!

“We’ve partnered with numerous investment companies who are actively searching for Hemp-based businesses that have met their 7 requirements. Industry experts will be available to offer insights about your business and improve your pitch. There are only 25 opportunities for pitchers at this elite event.”

Here’s your chance. Check it all out at their website for the event. You won’t regret it. Interested in knowing more about CBD and its derivatives? Check out the CBD Facts page and then stop by our marketplace afterwards. CBDipedia is your superstore for all things CBD.