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Hemp Thieves!

Pexels | Min An

Everyone has seen a movie where there’s been a few shifty guys threatening to steal some plants off of a farm. That of course also extends to all of those cannabis plants that if someone got their hands on, would be sitting pretty high for a while. However, since the Farm Bill of 2018, people have been growing larger and larger amounts of hemp throughout the nation. Know what a hemp plant looks exactly like? That’s right, the cannabis plant.


Grab the Plants and Run!


People think that they can just run on to a cannabis farm, grab a plant and be set for a long time to enjoy their THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) highs. However, if someone were to mistakenly steal a hemp plant, they would be thoroughly disappointed. Hemp plants are grown for the use of hemp materials. Hemp derivatives are used from building hemp concrete, to extracting CBD (cannabidiol) for potential CBD products. These plants have a concentration of THC of less than .3%. This concentration is so little that there will be no high being achieved from smoking these herbs.


Three Accounts of Ignorance


In Louisville, Texas, three individuals were caught trying to rob cannabis on September 12th. At least, that’s what they thought they were being arrested for when they got caught. Little did they know, all that marijuana they “successfully” robbed was just hemp being grown. They were found with multiple garbage bags full of the farmer’s hemp and were all given misdemeanors on accounts of possession of industrial hemp and theft.

As you can see, the hemp craze really is popular. People of all ages are trying to get their hands on the stuff. All jokes aside, these farmers are going to keep getting hit from these ignorant people that haven’t been paying attention to news. For those that didn’t know, hemp was legalized last year in December so try not to take your local farmer’s hemp to fail at getting high.