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Great-Grandma Arrested for CBD at Disney World


The face of the woman that was arrested for CBD at Disney.

This is why we report on CBD. SO you can see what is happening out there. The laws are still gray when it comes to legalities in state and federally with CBD. A 69-year-old great-grandma was arrested for CBD in of all places, Disney World. She is now demanding an apology for her arrest at a Disney security checkpoint after a guard found CBD oil while searching through her purse.

The woman who goes by, Hester Burkhalter, has hired high-profile attorney Benjamin Crump. Crump is best known for being the attorney that represented Trayvon Martin’s family.

Crump said Tuesday that Disney World and the Orange County Sheriff’s Office “need to take responsibility for their actions” or he will file a lawsuit on the North Carolina woman’s behalf, alleging violations of her civil rights. 

Burkhalter was arrested on April 15, 2019 at the park, and claims she was detained for FIFTEEN hours over a bottle of CBD oil that her doctor in North Carolina recommended for her arthritis.

The CBD oil was discovered when she put her purse on a table for inspection and the substance tested positive for THC, according to the arrest report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

“I was in shock,” Burkhalter told the press of her experience. “I don’t feel like I’ve done anything wrong at all.” 

As we here already know, CBD oil which is extracted from cannabis plants but doesn’t produce a high has become a national craze since a 2018 federal law legalized industrial hemp.

The industry is expected to grow to nearly $6 billion by the end of the year 2019, up from $619 million in 2018, according to researchers with Brightfield Group, a CBD marketing research firm.

But state laws vary, with Florida in a special case of legal limbo. In the Sunshine State, CBD oil is, for now, only legal for sale with a prescription at certified Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers.

According to Burkhalter’s legal team, she provided a doctor’s note in response to her arrest and her doctor indicated the oil was legal in North Carolina.

Lawmakers in North Carolina, however, are in the process of trying to bring state laws in line with the 2018 federal law that removed hemp from a list of Schedule I drugs, said Jon Lanier, assistant general counsel with North Carolina’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has said in an emailed statement that Burkhalter’s arrest was lawful. However, prosecutors dropped the drug charge against Burkhalter, saying it wasn’t suitable to be prosecuted.

A new law that passed Florida’s legislature this month would legalize CBD oil on July 1st, 2019 and establish a framework for regulating the products. Florida’s new law, however, has not yet been signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. Many are wondering when DeSantis plans to sign the measure.

For now, Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services warns on its website that “CBD products being sold in Florida are unregulated, untested, and without standards on what consumers are putting into their bodies.” 

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services spokesperson Franco Ripple said the department is not sending cease and desist letters to businesses that sell CBD products but should the state’s regulatory program go into effect “it will allow us to test those products for consumer safety.”

The FDA, meanwhile, is planning a public hearing on May 31 as it considers regulations for how cannabis-derived products.

All of these measures will hopefully clear all of this up. This woman and anybody else should not have to go through this. Especially when it was THC free. We here at support her and her fight. In the meantime, now would be a great time to check out our amazing inventory. Ask about a coupon code we can throw your way as well.