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Florida CBD & Hemp Trade Show


CBD and Hemp are reigning supreme all over the world. This cannabis L. Sativa plant that works wonders has shown promise through multiple business mindsets. Hemp is used as a textile, building material and smoking alternative. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis compound within hemp that people have been using for a better quality of life. On April 30, 2020, the Florida CBD & Hemp Trade Show will be hosting their event at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Fort Myers, Florida.


What to Expect at the CBD & Hemp Trade Show?


This annual event is perfect for showcasing business leaders and innovative products to different companies and businesses in the same market. Their trade show will be hosted in beautiful Fort Myers, Florida. Tons of different markets will be showcasing their talents. At the show you can speak to professionals in the market. Talk to vendors, go to educational seminars, learn about new markets in your area and even learn how to cook with CBD & hemp. All different kinds of trends and topics will be discussed and you may even have a chance to showcase your own product if you sign up as a vendor!


Message From the Hosts


If you wish to learn more about the event or buy tickets, then head on over to their homepage here. Here’s a note from their website if you want more information:

“Come learn about the new world of CBD/Hemp Products. Our trade shows will have vendors showcasing their new products and services. We will also have panel sessions and demos with Hemp & CBD products. With the legalization of CBD growing in Florida, our CBD/Hemp trade shows is an important step in showing the world the professionalism and maturity of the new expanding industry. Join industry leaders and earn about the latest innovating trends and topics within the CBD world: cannabis for pets, food and drink, and the research and benefits that come with CBD. Don’t also miss the networking opportunities while exploring our industry related exhibits as we build the foundation for the future of CBD & Hemp in all Florida.”