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FDA Still Doesn’t Know Much About CBD


Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has come out with a statement that finally regards CBD. However, this statement was one that no one expected. Unfortunately, the FDA came out with a statement that made negative claims towards CBD. They noted that there are multiple positive effects that come with the use of CBD. However, they listed a few nuances that brought light to the situation in a bad way. Also, they decided to ignore many claims towards a positive status within the cannabis derived compound.


Reintroducing CBD


Just to make sure you know, CBD is still legal as long as it remains within the constraints of possessing THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, values less than .3%. THC is the cannabis derived compound that gives you the “high” and is primarily found in marijuana. Legal CBD is usually withdrawn from the legal counterpart of marijuana, hemp. Hemp contains much less values of THC. If any at all. The FDA came out saying that CBD does have a chance to harm your liver. Which is understandable as a new chemical entering your body would have difficulties breaking down in the liver. Also, anyone who overuses CBD, has high chances for bad repercussions.


Making CBD Sound Like a Bad Drug


Based off of the claims of the FDA, they way they described CBD would be almost identical to alcohol. They noted that it can affect the liver in a harmful manner. Also, they noted that using CBD in combination with other prescription drugs can lead to other side effects. Which is the exact same thing that happens when drinking alcohol. With scientific data that shows that CBD can beneficially affect your endocannabinoid system, it is hard to agree with the latest statement by the FDA. They plan on coming out with more updates based off of their research. However, this initial statement seems almost a ploy to stop people from using non-federal made CBD products and divert the attention of people using them to prescription drugs. CBD is not an alternative medicine. However, people have been using it as an alternative TO medicine. If you want to read the full statement of the FDA, use the link here.