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Ever Heard of Green Wednesday?

Pexels | Yash Lucid

Green Wednesday is the day before Thanksgiving. This is where a bunch of consenting adults come together to celebrate what is truly green in this world. Being looked at like the Black Friday of cannabis products, Green Wednesday or “Weed Wednesday” is now an annual event that may become even more popular than that well known 4/20. As all the normal, and even these interesting, holidays approach, it’ll be the season of giving, sharing and…relaxing.


Tis the Season


Yet another holiday landing in the time period where everyone is pressed to buy gifts and families are coming together and enjoying each other’s time. This one may have people smiling the most of all though. For example, if you live on the west coast, you’ve probably heard of the delivery company Eaze. These guys deliver all your cannabis needs from dispensaries and such. In 2017, the company almost doubled its normal margins for Green Wednesday alone.

Let us rejoice in the fact that people celebrate all things in life including nature. If you’re concerned that people will be judging you over distilling a paycheck to celebrate the cannabis plant, then discretion is taken care of. Grab some harmless looking edibles or a bunch of CBD cream to ease the joints and conclude a long work day.


Celebrate Green Times


Green Wednesday is a blessing to the cannabis aficionado and entrepreneurial businesses. Allowing people to reap the benefits of a full day of cannabis derived discounts is amazing. Don’t be shy this year and check out some nearby dispensaries for some product. You may be pretty happy when you’re relaxing the day before Thanksgiving and someone brings you a bag of happy flowers. There aren’t too many better ways to start a weekend filled with the gorging of food, the laughs of friends and the bonding of families.