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Does CBD Cure Cancer?

The simple answer is no CBD does not cure cancer.

Since the explosion of Charlotte’s Web CBD tincture onto the medical marijuana marketplace. Due to its breakthrough treatment for people suffering from seizures. There has been a lot of online and media speculation as to whether or not CBD can in fact cure cancer too. On its face its a ridiculously bold claim. The truth is simple CBD or THC does not, I repeat does not cure cancer. If you are considering skipping traditional medical treatment in favor of CBD or THC alternatives, then I would have to highly suggest against doing that. Though it is important to note that I am not a medical doctor and I have no medical experience. However, from all the research I have done before writing this article, I can’t find any credible claims of marijuana or any of its subcomponents like the THC or CBD curing cancer. [ CBD does not cure cancer ]

Now obviously CBD and THC are more legal now than ever. So more and more studies are coming out every day. Some studies have shown that medical marijuana may help with certain types of brain cancer. However, these studies are few in number and very early on in the research phase. As more studies come out in the more legal marijuana future. Then more information will be available for patients to research. For now, however, it would not be a wise or an educated decision to skip out on traditional cancer treatments that may work. To instead take a new more hypothetical than scientific medicine like medical marijuana.

That being said medical marijuana products like CBD and THC have had wonderful results with ease the pain and symptoms of cancer treatments. Since medical marijuana increases one’s appetite and helps with nauseousness. It is an ideal product to help cope with the nasty side effects of traditional cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Popular products to help with the side effects of cancer treatment include CBD Tinctures, CBD Edibles, and CBD Pills. Companies like Pure Clear Hemp, Charlottes Web, Green Roads, CBD MD, and Blue Moon Hemp have all become industry leaders with a product line you can use, trust, and believe in. The CBD industry has a lot of start-up companies which is wonderful. But for that reason, you always want to make sure that if you order from a smaller vendor. They have testing results they can show you before you place your order. All the bigger companies above have testing readily available for CBD shoppers online to view. That’s a major plus for the credibility of our industry and hopefully, a lot of these smaller companies will start to follow suit and also provide that high level of quality and consistency with their CBD brand and product lines.

Cancer is a serious and terrifying disease with the power to take from you your dignity and your life. For that reason, you should do whatever you can to fight this terrible disease. That includes donating to qualified and trusted cancer charities. Being there for patients diagnosed with this horrible disease and following through with the best possible treatments you can find if you have been diagnosed with this awful disease yourself. These new treatments include things like immune therapy, target therapy, and of course modern surgery. Then there are all the old school treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Which though much tougher on the body has saved people in the past? Medical marijuana and CBD may not be the miracle cure you are looking for, but if you are going through cancer treatment they will be a great asset to your post-treatment recovery regiment.

If you have a loved one going through cancer treatment speaking to them about medical marijuana products like THC and CBD is a great idea. These products can help them deal with the stress and side effects of cancer treatment. Also if it comes out later that marijuana does cure some types of cancer. Then having some in their system, to help combat the side effects of the traditional treatments they are undergoing, can’t hurt either. There are a lot of great single dose products out there that can be taken easily by patients as well as a host of sublingual CBD tinctures that can also easily be taken at home or in hospitals by patients looking to curb the side effects of their cancer treatments. Pure Clear Hemp makes an amazing tasting CBD tincture that you may want to start with if it is your first time trying CBD. Here is a link to Pure Clear Fruit Punch CBD Tincture and here is a coupon code for 10% off your first order. Coupon code: chronic

If you or a loved is dealing with cancer then we offer you our heartfelt sympathy and support. Stay strong and stay in the fight! Do your research and search out the best doctors and treatments for you. Your life is worth the fight!!!

One person who very famously claims to have cured his skin cancer with marijuana is Rick Simpson. His story is below if you would like to watch it as part of your research into cancer treatments. We at CBDipedia cannot verify any of the claims made by Simpson. Though they would be great if they were true. So we hope he is right!