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CEO of Canopy Growth Wants CBD Regulated


Bruce Linton on Varney & Co.

The CEO of Canada’s Canopy Growth, Bruce Linton went on Stuart Varney’s Varney & Company on FOX Business to discuss marijuana and CBD and how he wants CBD regulated.

Linton spoke on why he supports the regulation of CBD, the research into the health benefits of CBD and the growth potential for CBD and marijuana.

Who Is Canopy

Canopy Growth is the largest marijuana grower in the world.

Canopy Growth Corporation, which was formerly known as Tweed Marijuana Inc., is a cannabis company based in Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Tweed was founded by Bruce Linton and Chuck Rifici in 2013. They renamed it Canopy Growth Corporation in 2015. As of mid-April 2019, Canopy was the world’s largest cannabis company, based on the value of all shares, or market capitalization. At that time, Constellation Brands Inc. controlled over 35% percent of the company.

Linton spoke on how when unregulated, the public doesn’t really know what they are getting. He brought up about how the product can be adulterated with chemicals and asked if consumers could be certain of the dosage as described.

“You know who likes it when it’s (CBD) not regulated…..criminals.” — Linton

CBD Medical Benefits

Varney asked if there is proof that CBD is a pain reliever or an anti-inflammatory? Linton replied by speaking about the trials and studies that showed research and proof that it aided in dealing with seizures, which has allowed for more and further testing and looking into CBD. He also stated how there is a ton of “anecdotal research”.

Linton spoke on how Canopy is now running their own trials and doing in-house research. Since marijuana is federally legal in Canada and Germany, they can easily run trials there.

They are currently running sleep trials for “primary insomnia” in what Linton called a “double blind FDA thoughtful study”.

When asked by Varney at the end of the interview on how many tons does Canopy produce per year, Linton said, “A little more than 500,000 kg is the potential in Canada….50,000 tons is our potential.”

This led to Varney to laughing and saying, glad we met ya!

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