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CBDMD; Ex Panthers Join CBD Industry

National Football League (NFL) players are some of the people that take the most brutal beatings day after day. Every week they step on the field knowing that there is a high chance they take damage to the body. Sport medical officials are a much-needed position and their job is to help the players on and off of the field to be in their best condition. However, some players aren’t too fond of the traditional medicine that is used for pain. For example, Ex Carolina Panthers Steve Smith and Jonathon Stewart of recently partnered up with cbdMD for a new venture.


Post Player Pain Relief


Nobody truly thinks about the damage that these players take week to week and how it can affect them for the remainder of their lives. Those types of hits and injuries don’t ever truly go away. That pain gets carried with these players for the remainder of their life. Without the medical professionals of the NFL, they are stuck with your traditional pain medicine. Most these options aren’t truly ideal and run across the line of opioids and Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). Unfortunately, these aren’t the most ideal types of treatment and can lead to side effects and extended addiction to the products.


CBD Enhances Post NFL Life


Fortunately, there are now a ton of different ex NFL players that are jumping on the CBD bandwagon. Plenty of these stars have come out recently in support of CBD. This case in particular, Steve Smith commented on CBD and can be found directly at cbdMD.

“For me, this is much more than just a partnership,” “Working with cbdMD has become a family affair, and those closest to me have seen what CBD can do firsthand.”

Jonathon Stewart also commented on the new joint experience with CBD.

“After the constant contact and injuries my body endured throughout my career in the NFL, cbdMD has been able to help me live a better quality of life during retirement, stay competitive with my golf game, and keep up with my little girl day in and day out,” 

According to these players, CBD has given them back the quality of life that they no longer had after their experiences in the NFL. Hopefully, the NFL will see the benefits and be jumping on the CBD bandwagon soon!

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