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What A Day It Is at CBDipedia My Friends…

Patrick Zarrelli the managing partner at CBDipedia has just announced that the CBDipedia CBD superstore has inked a sellers agreement with Innovative Labs CBD. The deal is sure to send CBD fans through the roof as CBDipedia fans, shoppers, and regulars have often asked for CBD hash to be added to the CBD superstore. A few weeks ago rumors were rampant through the CBDipedia office and social media pages that CBD hash would soon be added to the online store. Now we at CBDipedia are proud to officially announce that it is in fact true. CBD hash from Innovative Labs has been added to the CBD superstore today!

Innovative Labs is the first company in the country to produce CBD hash. Using a unique farm to product production system Innovative Labs has been able to produce amazing and high quality CBD hash. Currently due to high demand the CBD hash is only offered by the gram. However soon it will be available for bigger bulk orders for fans and resellers. Innovative Labs has been working on their CBD hash line for over a year and these very first grams to come out are literally a scientific revolution in the CBD game. You are certainly going to want to try this amazing new CBD product that is now available on The CBD Oil and Hemp Oil Superstore.

The Innovative Labs product list on CBDipedia will include all of the following amazing CBD products:

At Innovative Labs there goal is to provide CBD shoppers and CBD consumers with the best possible quality CBD products they can find. This product process begins with sourcing the best farms, then purchasing their best plants, and then refining it into high quality CBD for human use. The process is not easy, or quick, but it is worth it for sure. Just one puff of the Innovative Labs CBD hash and you will see why their attention to detail is so important to the Inovative Labs CBD philsopshy. At Innovative Labs CBD hash and CBD Tinctures are not just a job or a way to make money. It’s a way fo life! So you can rest assured that when you buy Innovative Labs CBD you are buying the absolute best CBD product possible at that time.

Check back to often to see when there are speciasl, CBD BOGO’s, or sales running on Innovative Labs CBD hash and tincture. At CBDipedia we take pride in finding the best CBD Oil and hemp oil products for our store. When you shop at CBDipedia we want to you to feel like all of your CBD needs can be met in one place. Thats why we are so excited to not just add another CBD vendor, or CBD brand to our online store, but to be in fact adding an entrie new CBD catagory to our store, Loing live CBD hash and Innovative Labs! We are proud to have them on CBDipedia the online CBD and hemp oil Superstore. Thanks for shopping and have a CBD hash filled day eveyone!