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CBD Worked For Maple the Tabby Cat…Maybe For Your Cat Too


A tabby cat that is not Maple. But a darn cute tabby.

The world of CBD continues to expand and it’s not only for us humans, but did you know that it is also safe for our furry friends too? Meet, Maple the tabby cat. Maple the is approaching eighteen years old and with age comes complications. Maple began to develop arthritis which would leave him screaming in pain in the middle of the night.

As alarming as this was, the concern didn’t truly begin until Maple began to have seizures. The seizures lasted for close to two minutes sending him into full-blown convulsions as he hissed and clawed at the air.

After the symptoms subsided Maple’s owners often found themselves cleaning up blood, saliva, and sometimes even urine. At this point, enough was enough and Maple’s owners decided to take Maple to their trusted veterinarian. The veterinarian suggested the standard approach of a neurological exam and blood work.


What Did the Owners Do

Luckily. Maple and his owners live in Denver, Colorado where their doctor recommended hemp-derived CBD oil. As we all know, the people in this town are no strangers to the marijuana industry due to the fact that cannabis has been legal since 2012. Maple’s family was slightly on the fence with the idea and when asking the doctor how other fur baby parents felt, he was amused and stated that “Probably one out of every four of them are taking CBD for themselves.”

So they made a decision. They went online and after going through tons of different CBD and hemp oil websites they settled on what they thought would be best for them. Now, Maple was not fond of the hemp oil but once his owners found the best way to give it to him they started to notice some basic improvements.


CBD Got Results

While there was no immediate improvement with Maple’s seizures, there was a drastic change in his appetite and his ability to move. After some time passed it seemed like the CBD was, in fact, helping with the seizures. It wasn’t an overall cure for the elderly cat but it did help reduce the seizures from two a day to one every two days. Just like much in the marijuana and CBD industry, there is still an abundance of unknown information when it comes to using these products as well as giving them to our four-legged friends.

As for Maple, it will take some time to see if the CBD will truly benefit him in the long run and help with his seizures in a dramatic way. The main goal is to help Maple live the rest of his life in comfort and that’s what his family, as well as we here at, hope to accomplish. If you feel CBD could benefit your pet or even yourself check out the tons of products offers. It’s your one stop shop to all the best CBD products. We have an amazing selection of products for pets that you must check out.

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