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CBD Oil In Texas


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On April 9th, 2019 in the State of Texas the State House passed a bill to approve hemp oil and CBD oil products to be legalized inside the state. The new Texas state bill passed by a majority vote of an astonishing 144 – 0 will allow farmers to grow hemp products freely. While also making all hemp products legal to sell inside the Great State of Texas. Know as House Bill 1325, the new bill now empowers farmers to grow hemp as an industrial product under new state regulations.

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This bill also clears the way for current national CBD products and companies like Pure Clear Hemp CBD, Blue Moon Hemp, MedTerra, CBDMD, and Charlotte’s Web to be legalized for resale inside the state of Texas as well. This bill will now wait for approval from the Texas Senate. Then it will be placed in the hands of the Texas Governor for his signature to finalize the bill into law. Bill 1325 was backed by Representative Tracy King, a Democrat from Batesville, who has been in support of this bill since 2015. When the Texas Republican Party began finally backing the bill it gained the necessary support for approval in Texas. Provisions made to the 2018 Farm Bill also hemp as a controlled substance, giving the state of Texas the loophole it needed to regulate CBD and make it one of their new cash crops!

Currently in Texas according to Dallas News, “a small number of Texans can legally buy cannabis products with any THC. The state’s Compassionate Use program, established in 2015, allows patients with intractable epilepsy and two doctor’s prescriptions to buy cannabis-based medicine with up to 0.5 percent of THC. Three companies have state licenses to grow marijuana, produce and sell the low-THC medication.” Which means that very few Texans who could possibly benefit from and enjoy CBD do not have the access to it they need and deserve. Hopefully, after the great state of Texas is done debating the new bill Texans will be able to not only enjoy and benefit from the use of CBD but they will also be able to fully participate in the current CBD gold rush going on right now. Which will also mean great things for the Texas economy going forward? No matter how you slice it you have to give it to the great state of Texas and their Republican party of Texas. They got out in front of this issue and brought about real change to the state of Texas with this bill. I’m sure that’s something their voters will remember when the next election season comes around.

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