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Pet Owners See Value In CBD

As CBD grows in popularity for humans, it's also being adopted for our animal companions. BarkShop, a subsidiary of Bark, has hardly been able to keep its CBD-infused treats for pets in stock, they've become so popular. Mashable reports: BarkShop started selling dog...

Meet The Unlikely Dynamic Duo Of Hemp Legalization

Full hemp legalization is drawing closer, and if it happens, a pair of powerful legislators from a conservative, rural, state will have played an outsized part in the outcome. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, along with Rep. James Comer, also from...

Hemp Usefulness Goes Far Beyond CBD

The usefulness of industrial hemp stretches far beyond its role in providing CBD or even such traditional functions such as making textiles and ropes. As full legalization comes closer, the use cases for hemp just seem to grow. Recently, it's become a contender to... You’re Online CBD Superstore

If you are here at, clearly you are looking for the best in CBD and hemp oil products on the internet. Well, we got you covered. We carry the best CBD and hemp oils of many of the best manufacturers from all over the world. We offer customers excellent... You’re Online Hemp Oil Superstore

If you are here at, clearly you are looking for the best in CBD and hemp oil product superstore on the internet. We specialize in this field as we have helped many CBD brands with their launch. We saw how successful we did by them, that naturally, we...

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