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CBD Mattresses are the Newest Trend?!?


This year has already been filled with a myriad of craziness, unexpected events and sadness. However, make sure you haven’t missed out on the latest trend that has sparked up around CBD. That’s right, CBD mattresses are making a come-up as the most therapeutic and calming product on the market. Paramount Sleep unveiled their creation at the World Market Center this week and is advertising their newest innovation to take over the bed-time marketplace. As the United States embraces the positive effects of CBD, its impressive to see all of the innovative ideas around the cannabis derived compound.


What is a CBD Mattress?


A CBD Mattress is exactly what it sounds like. It is a mattress liner infused with CBD and layered upon a pure hemp upholstery pad. CBD, or cannabidiol, has boomed over the past year with people looking for a new wellness trend. CBD is a cannabis derived compound that is legal as long as is maintains levels of THC less than .3%. The purpose of this bed is that the CBD will slowly be released and absorbed into your body as you use the bed. Friction will help the CBD be released and you’ll feel the relaxing effects of it without having to ingest it.


Who is Paramount Sleep?


Paramount Sleep is a bedding company that was founded in 1933. The Comes brothers, Harry, Morris and Max invested into this business almost a century ago. Since then, they have served a countless number of people. They are based in Virginia and are rated A+ as a member of the Better Business Bureau. With their pride of being able to serve our country through all these years of booming and war, they continue to prevail today. Here’s a little bit about them from their website:

“Paramount Sleep is an 85-year-old, third-generation, family-owned mattress manufacturer based in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Our handcrafted mattress brands, available at many of the top retailers in the country, are designed to meet your sleep and lifestyle needs.”

“Today, we stand as the premier supplier of high-quality mattress systems. And by sticking to our original principles founded way back in 1933, we’ll continue to lead our industry well into the future.”