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CBD Inspiration Charlotte Figi Passes Away at 13

Charlotte Figi of ‘Charlotte’s Web CBD Fame Has Passed

In tragic news, CBDipedia reports that Charlotte Figi, the young girl with a catastrophic type of epilepsy who went on to inspire an entire CBD movement, passed away Tuesday, April, 7th, at 13-years-old.

Charlotte had recently been hospitalized due to pneumonia, breathing problems and seizures. She was treated as a possible case of Covid-19, although she tested negative for the virus. Charlotte had Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that wasn’t controlled by medication.
Then came the Stanley Brothers. The Stanley Brothers from Colorado were crossbreeding a strain of marijuana high in CBD and low in THC, its psychoactive ingredient. Charlotte began taking their CBD oil, and there was a sharp decline in her seizures. She began to play, eat and make connections like she hadn’t before. They named this strain ‘Charlotte’s Web’.

What is Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a high-cannabidiol, low-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis strain marketed as a dietary supplement produced by the Stanley brothers out of Colorado. It does not induce the psychoactive “high” typically associated with recreational marijuana strains that are high in THC. The Stanleys announced that they would ensure that the product consistently contained less than 0.3% THC.

“Charlotte was ten feet tall and carried the world on her shoulders,” the Stanley brothers posted in a memorial on their website.
“Inspiring is a lacking word, as are courageous and vivacious and strong and beautiful. She was divine,” they wrote. “She grew, cultivated by a community, protected by love, demanding that the world witness her suffering so that they might find a solution. She rose every day, awakening others with her courage, and with that smile that infected your spirit at the cellular level.”
Charlotte became a symbol of the possibilities of CBD after CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta told her story in the documentary “Weed.” In the film, Charlotte was shown to be a playful child who was overcome by horrific seizures, which were quelled with Charlotte’s Web, a marijuana strain named in her honor.

What Happened to Charlotte

Charlotte and her family had been sick in the last month. Her mother, Paige, posted on social media that they had fevers, pain, coughing, stomach problems and were struggling to breathe. While the rest of the family had recovered, Charlotte eventually began having seizures again, which landed her back in the hospital.
While Charlotte’s Covid-19 test result came back negative, Figi said she may have been tested too late for a positive result. Still, Charlotte seemed to bounce back and was discharged from the hospital.
On Tuesday morning, she had a seizure, her mother said, and was taken back to the hospital, where she died surrounded by love and family. Charlotte is survived by her parents Paige, Greg Iafeliece and Matt Figi, brother Max and twin sister, Chase.
We at CBDipedia are glad that Charlotte did not die without creating a movement. Now, many people that suffer, have CBD as an option for their pains and ailments. And that alone is something she and her family can be very proud of.