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CBD Hotel Food Menu

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Did you know that the James Hotel – NoMad in New York City has a CBD (cannabidiol) infused food menu? That’s right, this innovative way of transforming a comfort food menu has gotten even more comfortable. This relaxing cannabis-derived compound is seeing an ever popular boom in all sorts of fashions. With food and even beauty related products on this menu, it’s hard not to be intrigued enough to stop by for a weekend or two.


CBD Food Products


All of their tasting menu products are going to possess from a range of 10 mg – 20 mg of CBD. Their full CBD menu can be reached here. I’m truly curious as to how all of these products taste and effect a person.

Based off knowledge of CBD, there should be a very minimal amount of rowdiness after some CBD Spicy Meatballs, CBD House Tots and a nice CBD Ice Cream Sundae. Can’t imagine myself getting out to do much more with my day afterwards. If you become parched from all this CBD food, don’t forget to order some of their CBD infused Living Water. Full course meal of CBD food and even maybe some CBD snacks if this all induces any sort of extra appetite. They have healthy CBD snacks like granola and nuts. Or for the sweet tooth some CBD milk chocolate and CBD gummi’s. Brought your pet for your stay? Then you can even order Bark Avenue Granpaw’s Dog Hemp Treats.

This is all a nice variety from your traditional munchies that people think of when you here CBD food. They’ve created an almost gourmet element for CBD!


Via James Hotel


CBD Beauty Products


With the boom of CBD food products it’s not surprising that CBD beauty products are also beginning to circulate through the market. If you finished your CBD entree and are ready for a relaxing self-induced spa like treatment, then check out the remainder of this menu. They have options from CBD beauty scrub to CBD lip balm. Multiple scents of CBD bars of soap are available as well as a calming CBD lotion for your now rejuvenated skin. They’ve not only made gourmet food, but they’ve created the elements of a spa trip into a menu centered on a cannabis-derived compound. Interesting stuff. Who knows what else CBD will become a part of next.


Would You Stay?


Think you would stay at the James Hotel – NoMad and try out their in-room service CBD menu? Could be an interesting way of planning a vacation. Some relax at the beach. Whereas some just wish to not be home, cuddled up in their hotel room with their dog. Share with them a spa-like treatment and indulge in some of the most nontraditional forms of gourmet CBD concoctions. If you’re interested in learning more head over to the James Hotel homepage. Or if CBD is what you want then you’re just one click away from the largest one stop shop for premium CBD products. CBDipedia can be your home for all things CBD whether that be learning more, buying products, or even checking for the latest CBD news.