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CBD Demonstrates Potential for PTSD Treatment

A recent study in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) has suggested that there is potential for CBD (cannabidiol) to be an option in treatment. This clinical trial was the first recorded attempt at treating PTSD by means of CBD. From the total sample of 11 patients, 10 of them experienced less severity in their PTSD symptoms. This test shows that CBD, along with routine psychiatric care, has prospect of becoming a recommended way of treating PTSD. With July 4th coming up you better believe that people are looking for ways to manage their PTSD symptoms. Fireworks will be roaring through the weekend and these positive indications from this first ever attempted trial show good news for the future.


What is PTSD


PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is a condition in which a person has a chronic trauma that arises over a negative past event. This disorder is seen a lot of the time in war veterans. However, PTSD can also be hindering people that had to deal with other traumatic events. These events could include being raped, witnessing a heinous or violent crime, or even be the aftermath of a natural disaster. Regardless the reason for having PTSD, it can be an encumbrance for the individual affected. Doctors have been trying to help people manage the disorder for a long time now. Therapy and medication are usually the end result of countless appointments. Some medications fall into the anti-depressant area. Whereas others are going to be more of a psychoactive drug that attempts to neutralize the neurons that fire when experiencing PTSD symptoms. Either or, these types of medications could have serious negative implications on one’s daily lifestyle.


Benefits of CBD


CBD as a treatment for PTSD could be a game-changer. If doctors could cease prescribing these psychoactive drugs we’d be on the ideal path to change. CBD is an all-natural compound. It works by acting on the body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system’s job is to maintain homeostasis within the body. A few specific functions are keeping a healthy metabolism and regulating neurotransmitter functions. That being said, it is highly influential on the endocrine system. The endocrine system is what secretes hormones into the bloodstream to convey to specific organs. All of this melts down to being a contributor to almost every internal action the body is constantly doing. Since all we can do is try maintain our external environment’s homeostasis, the endocrine system is our go to guy for help. Now, if CBD has the ability to influence this system in a positive way, then you better believe that doctors are going to find means of using it to aid in many health issues.


Applying CBD to PTSD Treatment Trials


The full trial conducted can be found here. Out of the 11 patients that participated in the trial, 10 patients had shown positive results. The CBD oils were administered by oral ingestion and patients also received routine psychiatric care. With that being said let’s get to the details of the trial. According to these doctors:


“From the total sample of 11 patients, 91% (n = 10) experienced a decrease in PTSD symptom severity, as evidenced by a lower PCL-5 score at 8 weeks than at their initial baseline. The mean total PCL-5 score decreased 28%, from a mean baseline score of 51.82 down to 37.14, after eight consecutive weeks of treatment with CBD. CBD was generally well tolerated, and no patients discontinued treatment due to side effects.”


“Administration of oral CBD in addition to routine psychiatric care was associated with PTSD symptom reduction in adults with PTSD. CBD also appeared to offer relief in a subset of patients who reported frequent nightmares as a symptom of their PTSD. Additional clinical investigation, including double-blind, placebo-controlled trials, would be necessary to further substantiate the response to CBD that was observed in this study.”


“The results indicate that oral CBD, when given in addition to routine outpatient psychiatric care, may have a beneficial effect for patients with PTSD.”


91% of the experiment showed positive result! Great results indeed. This is of course literally the first ever recorded trial of attempting to treat patients suffering from PTSD with CBD so there cannot be any sudden deductions from this soul treatment. Nevertheless, you better bet that this trial will have earth shattering effects on future medical reasoning regarding the two. If continued trials are a success, there is no doubt that people will be shifting to this natural form of treatment instead of the traditional medication they are prescribed.



Future for CBD


CBD is still a topic of interest among medical professionals. Discoveries about the benefits of using it for a large variety of symptoms are on the rise. At this rate it is only a matter of time before the circulation of CBD in medicinal practices will be a sure thing. Until then, take heed of your medical professional’s recommendations and prescriptions if you are one suffering from PTSD. Yes there is definitely a small amount of proof showing positives from using CBD. As much as I’d like to make the jump and tell everyone it’s a sure thing; it isn’t. Many more clinical trials will follow this one and I hope that these upcoming trials will produce similar results. Can’t wait? If you’re interested in trying CBD for a possible curve to your anxiety or want something that may take the edge off, CBDipedia is your place to be. We care all types of premium products related to CBD. Check out our CBDipedia superstore here and tell us what you think!