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Carlos Santana Joins the CBD Business!


Today, January 15, Carlos Santana announced his partnership with Left Coast Ventures. Left Coast Ventures is a hemp and cannabis company located in Santa Rosa, California. Their empire is built upon the cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and brand-building within the cannabis industry. With one simple goal in mind: To help shape the future of the legal cannabis industry within the United States. So, long time cannabis advocate Carlos Santana felt it was time to partner up.


Carlos Santana Launches CBD Business


Celebrities have always been a staple when trying to convince people to choose a product. Marketing to the correct people is also a viable way of trying to get more customers. Carlos Santana is a 3-time Latin Grammy winning guitarist. He has been an icon for many young people for decades. Left Coast Ventures understands that brand-building through a celebrity is one of the biggest upgrades you can make. Santana wasn’t their first musician either! They have a deal with the Bob Marley estate and Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead! Santana has influenced millions with his music and hopefully his reach will extend to his cannabis business as well.


Left Coast Ventures Keeps Building


Left Coast Ventures represents a ton of different cannabis companies. They continue to add people like Carlos Santana to their business portfolio as the grow. Santana will help by developing premium cannabis and CBD hemp brands. With his heritage and fame backing them up, you can expect that this brand will do well. All of their products will be available around California dispensaries. Santana’s own family has some inspiration that could inhibit their CBD topical brand and skyrocket their cannabis stocks! Keep your eyes peeled for the legendary guitarist’s brand coming to California this year! It is expected to be released as of late Summer of 2020.