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Cannafest is Coming!

The biggest cannabis and medicinal herb trade show is returning in two weeks! Cannafest will be taking place November 1 – 3 at the PVA Expo Prague Letnany. The largest coalition of cannabis enthusiasts will be at this amazing event. Visitors of the event have plenty to look forward too! Anyone interested in getting tickets to the event may head here.


Cannabis Coalition


There are cannabis enthusiasts all over the world. This event showcases just how prevalence and recognition this plant has worldwide. Informational exhibitions on all types of subjects as well as all the different types of cannabis products you can imagine. This is directly from their site:

“Visitors can be looking forward to seeing exclusive exhibitions including cultivation technology, fertilizers, seeds, smoking accessories, vaporizers, both on display and on sale. Don´t miss on purchasing various hemp cosmetic products and clothings and have some delicious hemp snacks with us!”

In case you don’t believe how massive this event was, last year’s statistics are available. During last year’s expo, there were 276 exhibitors from 27 different countries. As well as a total visitor count of over 30 thousand people!


Celebrate Cannafest’s 10 Year Anniversary


This year will be the tenth year that Cannafest will be going on. It has been a long running for the event and as cannabis becomes legal in more areas throughout the world, its popularity continues to rise. The coordinators for the event expect that this year will be the largest collaboration of people to have ever attended this event before. Two weeks until the phenomenal occasion begins and you don’t want to miss out. If you have any other questions or are looking to buy tickets, you can head over to their official website here. Haven’t tried out the CBD craze yet? Well look no further. CBDipedia is you one-stop shop for everything CBD!