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Blue Moon Hemp Facing Lawsuit From CBDipedia Founder Patrick Zarrelli

This is the story of how CBDipedia was born and how Chris Cowart, John Castellano, and Blue Moon Hemp got sued.


CBDipedia founder Patrick Zarrelli has sued Blue Moon Hemp in Florida courts over an ownership dispute regarding his ownership shares, pay, and commissions from the Blue Moon Hemp web presence.


Our CBDipedia founder Patrick Zarrelli is the current CEO of the SFL Media Firm that owns Dependable Website Management and the Print Killer Media Network. At Dependable Website Management, Zarrelli was responsible for the meteoric rise of Blue Moon Hemp‘s CBD brand online. Zarrelli and his team designed and built the entire Blue Moon Hemp web presence. Including but not limited to the company’s website, search engine optimization, directory listings, product descriptions, social media posts, online advertising, and blog posts. All were created and organized by Zarrelli as part of a sweeping online CBD marketing strategy that he hand designed for the CBD brands expansion online. After the company grew to historic heights in the online search results, social media groups, online sales, and chat rooms. Blue Moon Hemp Chief Executive Officer Chris Cowart (a former felon now running a weed company which may not even be legal in the state of Florida) unethically and illegally, in my opinion, cut Zarrelli’s contracted ownership in the brand’s website. All as an apparent attempt to bring their technology in house and avoid paying Dependable Website Management’s contracted commissions and fees. The move was viewed by many as nothing more than a simple and obvious power and money grab. Needless to say, it did not go over well with the Dependable Website Management company higher-ups. Zarrelli immediately filed a monster lawsuit against Blue Moon Hemp, John Castellano, and Chris Cowart the two founders and owners of the Blue Moon Hemp CBD line. The lawsuit is still in litigation to this very day and every day that goes by, the amount of money that Blue Moon Hemp owes Dependable Website Management grows exponentially.

Are those Versace slippers for Chris Cowart the former felon who now owns a Florida medical marijuana telemarketing corporation?

Zarrelli and his team were so disgusted by how unethical Blue Moon Hemp was behaving in the CBD space under Chris Cowart’s leadership that they teamed up with a compounding pharmacist and online distribution specialist to make their own line of amazing CBD products. That line today is the fast-growing CBD brand known as Pure Clear Hemp. Known for its amazing original flavors and large product line. Pure Clear Hemp is on the cutting edge of the CBD marketplace. At Pure Clear Hemp, Zarrelli and his partners are CBD product originators, not white labels or resellers like Blue Moon Hemp. Pure Clear Hemp makes its main products from scratch. Compound by each painstaking compound. It’s a ton of work but a major one up on the competition and a huge slap in the face to Blue Moon Hemp that is essentially a refilling and white labeling operation with a call center just like Cowart used to run in his $40 million dollar bogus auto-service warranties scam that landed him in prison.

John Castellano pictured left is a Blue Moon Hemp owner and he claims in conversations to be a descendant of the Castellano crime boss. Paul Castellano was a Gambino family mafia boss who was gunned down by his own family for being greedy.

At its best Blue Moon Hemp is a brand, not a true CBD production company (that is unless something drastic has changed since our sister company Dependable Website Management left working with them). While Zarrelli and his partners inversely make all their main products from Pure CBD Isolate. If you think these two old white guys can make CBD shatter like they have been selling online, then I have a submarine with a screen door on it, that I want to sell you! But let’s all speak honestly, is it any surprise that the hard-working tech team that actually built the online system that Blue Moon Hemp thrives on. Would not also be successful at the much easier side of the business, that being distribution and branding? Also would it not be surprising that they put more effort into their product’s quality and flavoring too? Not really right? So kudos to team Zarrelli for doing their due diligence in the CBD marketplace and for coming out with really innovative and amazing CBD products and technologies for us all to use and enjoy. Patrick Zarrelli and his team are a huge talent asset for the CBD community. While Castellano and Cowart are just a couple of glorified CBD telemarketers grifting off the medical marijuana movement for their own personal enrichment. But I digress in our tale of treachery…

Pure Clear Hemp was honestly just the beginning for Zarrelli and his team.

Jumping above Blue Moon Hemp in the CBD production line and obviously putting out way better flavors made from an experienced pharmacist. Has put Pure Clear Hemp light years ahead of Blue Moon Hemp in the CBD marketplace. But Zarrelli was actually just getting started! He then increased the Pure Clear Hemp product line to double the size of the Blue Moon Hemp product line. Essentially making Blue Moon Hemp look like they were sitting at the white label kiddie table. The Pure Clear Hemp product line now includes everything from the tincture, soft-gels, gummies, hard candy, chapstick, pain creams, skin balms, and even dog treats! Meanwhile, Blue Moon Hemp still has the owner’s daughter in backroom filling up their CBD tincture vials out of giant jugs that they get from lord knows where. All while white labeling a couple of other oddball products from other CBD companies. Blue Moon Hemp is a glorified reseller and its time for them to be exposed as such, they are not even a real CBD product production company. Because they buy their CBD products already made or at least mostly made from other bigger and better CBD companies!

After the success of Pure Clear Hemp Zarrelli then turned his eyes on the entire CBD online market and CBDipedia was born!

Blue Moon Hemp insinuates that they are growing and bottling their own products now. But when we worked with them, young guys like this guy filled the tincture bottles from bigger jugs in the companies back room. The CBD shatter was also shipped to them in tin foil shipping packets. It was not made in house. 

Zarreli quickly reached out and built relationships with all the top CBD brands. Including Green Roads, Bluebird Botanicals, CBD fx, Tasty Hemp Oil, Innovative Health Labs, Endoca CBD, and Entourage Hemp. Just to name a few! Once he had all the relationships and contracts in place Zarrelli decided to beat Blue Moon Hemp at their own game. Reselling other peoples CBD! Except instead of pretending to be his own brand like Blue Moon Hemp and refiling other peoples CBD from jars and tinfoil shipping packets in the back of the house. Zarrelli built a platform that all other CBD companies could use to easily sell their products online. This gave the entire CBD industry a brand new place to market their brands online alongside all of the industries best. While also allowing Zarrelli to benefit from all the other CBD companies massive marketing efforts since their brands would all be listed on his giant CBD superstore CBDipedia. CBDipeida is quickly becoming the Amazon of CBD sales online. The website allows CBD companies to easily resell their CBD products, on a fast modern and expertly designed platform. More importantly, it allows online shoppers to shop multiple CBD brands at once. Which opens them up to buying multiple brands in one shopping cart, in one shopping session, on one great e-commerce website. With CBDipedia a CBD user can shop and buy products from all the most popular CBD brands, check out fast and securely, and have it all shipped right to their door, from one simple website! Not only that all CBDipedia sales are processed on the ultra-fast on super secure cryptocurrency blockchain. We also offer direct bank transfer payments. As well as completely free shipping to all of the continental United States. How is that for kicking some serious CBD tech butt my friends!?

Lessons for Blue Moon Hemp, John Castellano, Chris Cowart and Anyone Else in Business:

Number one: Don’t steal from a good honest tech team who is doing a great job. Techies are hard to find and the grass is never really greener when you get to the other side. As we can all see by Blue Moon Hemp’s awful new website. For Blue Moon Hemp they will likely never have another team as capable as the Dependable Website Management full stack tech team for as long as they are in business. As you can clearly see by this website no one, and I mean no one, can hang with our tech team online. We are already galaxies ahead of the competition and we are adding more coding and content on to the CBDipedia superstore every single day.

Number two: Do not assume you are smarter than the professionals. Heed the advice of the professionals, acknowledge their successes, and honor your contracts and commitments to them. The professionals are what keep you and your company ahead of the competition instead of falling behind like you are now. Without them you are just two out of touch old white guys, selling products you don’t use, on mediums you do not even begin to understand. Take a look at your current God awful web presence, now take a look at our well polished CBD sales machine. Results speak for themselves don’t you think?

Number three: Never steal other people’s hard-earned work or pay. Never use other people’s work as your own. Never refuse payment for honest work completed. We all have families to take care of and stealing from an honest man or in this case an honest team will always land you in court. Moreover pushing a losing legal position over ego is stubborn, arrogant, and wasteful. Which speaks a lot to both of your character and the business ethics of Blue Moon Hemp as a whole. As they say you in life, “you owe, what you owe.” You cant kick, scream, threaten, and bully your way out of a contract when all the terms have been met and the team is doing a great job. Our team literally told you guys, we would sue you if you tried to pull a stunt like this the day the contract was signed!

We should have known that you can never trust a telemarketer. Am I right America or am I right? If you don’t like telemarketers and telemarketer scams, then whatever you do do not buy any Blue Moon Hemp products!

More articles about our experiences with Blue Moon Hemp coming soon. Stay tuned loyal CBDipedia readers!