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American Eagle Selling CBD Products


Another huge retailer is backing the CBD (cannabidiol) movement! American Eagle, as of October, will begin selling CBD cosmetics such as topical creams and balms. They will be partnering with cannabis company GGB(Green Growth Brands). American Eagle will be the third reported company partnering with them. Joining Abercrombie and DSW in this ever booming market over CBD.


CBD Boom


Once again, CBD is constantly growing in the United States. Since the legislation of the Farm Bill of December of 2018 everyone seems to be jumping on the CBD bandwagon. CBD is a cannabis-derived compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is legal as long as the extraction from said plant contains less than .3% of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the psychoactive drug found within the cannabis plant.

Ever since its legality, testing of CBD seems to have tons of positive variables. From helping with allergies, to seeing possible treatments of PTSD, and even with factors of aiding animals like cats and dogs. The benefits of this compound are ever more seen as the world explores the potential areas in which CBD may help. It’s no wonder businesses are constantly on the lookout for partnerships with CBD companies such as GGB. The possible gain from having these products in stores is getting bigger if stories from CBD remain positive. Even more so as long as researchers continue to find results that give proven benefits.



Why Isn’t Everyone on this Trend?


CBD is legal as of the legislation of the Farm Bill. However, as of last month the FDA(Food and Drug Administration) declared that until they can run enough testing to set limitations on CBD, that putting this compound into consumable products is still experimental. The FDA oversees the regulation of all controlled substances when it comes to said substances being an additive in food or beverage products. It is their job to ensure that products don’t have any unwarranted or adverse side-effects. Situational cases may be using one of these American Eagle balms and then also wanting to eat some CBD gummies. In this case is there a chance of overdose? Are there any side-effects that would contribute to the idea that overdosing is even possible?  I’m hoping this is all just speculation. However, there are still many very uncertain questions to be answered. In order for this substance to be safely monitored and regulated these actions are definitely necessary.


Want to Join the CBD Motion?


All these major retail companies are joining the wave of CBD popularity. Hopefully we continue to see even more companies get into this marketplace. The more people that want this product, the higher the pressure the FDA has on them to continue funding the speed at which CBD is being tested and limitations hopefully approved for release to the public. I’m personally ready to find out what the FDA has to say soon regarding the limitation so reliable guidelines can be laid. Did this article pique your interest in CBD products? Feel free to browse around our CBDipedia website for more news and information on CBD! If you’re trying to test the waters, we also have tons of premium CBD products available. We at CBDipedia do our upmost to ensure that the highest quality of CBD products are available to you right here on our domain.